Life Interrupted

Just when you get familiar with the way things are, those things seem to change. A new normal is something we all experience many times in life, so we need to know how to face it and even embrace it. 

Whether it is an unwanted divorce, a physical malady, the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, a family feud, or financial reversal, trials and tragedies can interrupt our happy lives at any moment.

"When these things take place, they can leave us shattered and shaken."

We often wonder how to pick up the pieces, how to ever enjoy life again. This book is designed to encourage you and help you get through the major interruptions and significant changes that come with life.

My prayer as you read this book is for God to pour out His grace and love as you experience your new normal. May He bring healing to your wounded heart and walk you through to the other side of the valley.

As the Scripture teaches us in Romans 13:15, God is “the God of hope.” He is the God who can take the worst of situations and work them together for good through the power of His cross and empty tomb. He is the God who is near to the brokenhearted and works miracles for those who look to Him.

May you look to Him today, and may your heart begin to fill with hope.

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