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Marriage Is Worth It

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Let’s face it: having a good marriage is not easy. All marriages go through tough times … and too many couples choose to bail out rather than work it out. Most of the time, the difference between the marriages that survive and marriages that don’t is not that the one marriage had problems and the other didn’t. The difference is that one couple refused to quit! Now I know that sometimes, marriage vows are broken through repeated adultery, abuse, or abandonment, and there may be no other recourse than divorce… but for every marriage that can’t be saved, there are hundreds that can be … IF both the husband and wife would put aside their selfishness, choose to seek and grant forgiveness, and commit, by God’s grace, to make the marriage work.  Remove the word “quit” and “divorce” from your vocabulary. Get outside assistance to help you navigate through the rough patches and determine to leave a godly legacy and example for your children. When you follow that path, you’ll find REAL HOPE.