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How Firm is Your Foundation?

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Some years ago, a good friend of mine bought a beautiful new house, and everything seemed perfect.  But within nine months, his excitement turned to grief, because the house had major foundation problems. Listen, when the foundation of your house starts to shift, every part of the house begins to suffer. And as important as it is to have a firm foundation for your home, it is even more important to have a firm foundation for your life, a foundation that can stand the storms. I believe there are two foundational truths everyone must have deep within in order to stand firm, no matter the storm. Number one, you must know and believe that God is good; and, number two, you must believe that He loves you. Regardless of the circumstances, these truths remain. The cross of Jesus Christ proves that God is good, and He loves you. When the devil tries to tell you otherwise, take a mental trip to a bloody hill called Calvary and remind yourself once again of His unfathomable love and goodness. Now that’s REAL HOPE.