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Dirty Diapers ... Yuck!

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I have a weak stomach and a keen sense of smell, and that’s not a good combination, especially when my kids were little, and I had to change their diapers. My goal in that nasty job was to get the old one out and the new on as quickly as possible. There are few things that smell worse than a dirty diaper. Right? So could you imagine anyone carrying around a dirty diaper in his coat pocket? Of course not! That would be awful. But did you know when we carry around the hurts and grudges of the past, it is a foul stench in the nostrils of God?  Bitterness is indeed a vile sin to harbor in one's heart. Listen, you have a choice with the dirty diapers of your past. You can foolishly hold onto them, or you can wisely let them go. Let me encourage you take that dirty diapers of hurt and resentment and throw them in the trashcan of God’s grace and love. The sooner you get it out of your heart, the sooner you’ll find REAL HOPE.