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The Living God

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When I was a kid, the church my family attended was boring with a capital B. Minutes seemed like hours as we slogged through another service steeped with routine, ritual, and monotony. Did Jesus give His life for church to be an hour of boredom and irrelevance? Absolutely not! Meeting with the living God is supposed to be exciting and life-changing. We worship a Risen Savior, who was dead and is alive forevermore. And this living God is in the life transformation business. So many people stop growing. They may continue to learn more biblical information, but their lives quit changing, and the power of the Holy Spirit is no longer evident in them. If that describes you, jump-start your Christian life by getting honest with God and spending time with Him. Start telling people about Jesus and let the Lord do a fresh work in you as you get yourself back on track with the living God! Now that’s REAL HOPE.