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Conditional Promises

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A tremendous promise was given to a man named Jeroboam, the first king of the divided kingdom called Israel.  Jeroboam could have been a great king, but tragically he was a great bust. He had the promise of God for a life of blessing and an enduring throne, but he refused to walk by faith. He operated out of fear, and his sin of pride, paranoia, and gross idolatry led to his destruction. If you want to live a life of blessing, you have to note the conditions. God has unconditional love for us, but He does not have unconditional blessings. The favor of God is conditional. If you do “x,” then God will do “y.” IF you walk with Him and obey Him, then you will experience His power and presence. But if you don’t, then you won’t. It’s that simple. We need to learn from Jeroboam’s colossal mistakes. Choose today to follow the Lord and get in on all the good things He wants to do in your life. IF you bow your life before the King of kings and obey His commandments, then you’ll see Him manifest His peace and joy in your life. When you choose to obey, that’s when you’ll find REAL HOPE