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Got Manna?

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I love the Old Testament story about how God fed His people in the wilderness with manna. Manna has been called the "bread of angels". It was a white, flaky substance that God gave to His people for 40 years. Now, manna was a daily miracle from God and it serves as a vivid picture of Jesus Christ. Manna was sweet to the taste, just like Jesus is sweet to us. Manna was essential for life, just like Jesus. Because there is no life apart from Him. And number three, manna sustained them until they arrived in the Promised Land, just as knowing Christ sustains us until we spend eternity with Him. Now here is the question for you today. The people gathered the manna early in the day, are you feasting on your relationship with Him and seeking Him early? He rewards those who seek Him, so take time today to seek the Lord and call upon His name. He is inviting you to get close to Him. Now that’s REAL HOPE.