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It's a Beautiful Day

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Do you remember the Mister Rogers children’s television program that ran for over 30 years? His signature song reminded his viewers that ‘it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.” And indeed, it was. But what about the real neighborhoods in which we live? What about the neighborhoods of neglect and shame, abandonment, poverty, and loneliness and despair? Maybe your “neighborhood” has been torched by the fires of bad choices, bad circumstances, and bad people and you feel like God would never come to you in your situation. Well, the truth is He did, and He does. In John 1:14 from The Message version of the Bible, it says, “The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.” Wow! That means he stepped down from the glories of heaven and, when we receive Him, he moves into our very lives and He never moves out. Now that's REAL HOPE!