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Prepare Your Heart

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Have you noticed that whenever you go to the doctor, the doctor always checks your heart? It's because your heart is critical to your well-being. And just as it is in the physical realm, it's also in the spiritual realm. And God wants your heart to be completely His. The Bible warns us not to let our heart get “hardened by the deceitfulness of sin” but, we're to “prepare our heart" for God. Now, how do you do that? 3 ways: Number 1 - Ask God to SEARCH your heart and reveal any hidden areas of sin. Number 2 - Ask God to SOFTEN your heart to make it good soil for the seed of His Word. And number 3 - Ask God to make you a person after His own heart so that the things that break His heart would break yours too, and the things that delight His heart would delight yours also. Preparing your heart is vitally important so you can truly walk with the King of kings. Now that's REAL HOPE.