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Going Up?

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Some time ago, my wife and I were traveling home from an out of town marriage conference. On the flight back to Texas, our plane had a little trouble getting off the ground. I started to wonder, “Are we ever going up?” Have you ever wondered that in the Christian life? You know, it can feel like you’re doing all the right things, but you are just not getting off the ground. Listen, regardless of how long you’ve been speeding down the runway of life with no liftoff, it’s always too early to quit. Keep doing what is right in God’s sight. Keep praying and keep seeking Him. Keep singing His praises and keep trusting Jesus, regardless of the circumstances! As you continue to walk humbly with the King, you WILL eventually begin to soar. Remember, it was persistence that got the snail on the ark. Because in persistence, you will find REAL HOPE.