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Are You Limiting God?

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The situation looked bleak for the poor widow in the Old Testament.  Her husband had died, and she had debts to pay.  And all she had was one little jar of oil.  Now, without question, she was in trouble.  Hey, what do you do when trouble comes knocking on your door?  Now, this distraught widow went to God for help.  And Elisha, God’s prophet, told her to go and borrow lots of empty jars for that little bit of oil.  And then she went out into the neighborhood.  She collected so many jars.  And she began to pour that little bit of oil from her jar into those other jars.  And as long as there were empty jars, there was still oil to pour.  Listen, we determine the size and the amount of our blessing by our faith. So pray big, believe big, and get a lot of jars!  Now that’s real hope.