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The Hardest Lesson to Learn

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I have found it easy to start thinking that God loves me on the basis of performance.  You know, I think that's true for a lot of us, we tend to think that,  “God loves me if I am obeying Him, but He doesn’t love me if I am failing Him.”  Regardless of your performance, God loves you!  He loves you because He chose to love you.  You want to know the secret to pleasing God?  It has to do with believing and receiving His great love for you.  That's why Jude earnestly pleads, “Keep yourselves in the love of God” (Jude 1:21).  Why not take some time today and meditate on His love for you?  Let God ground you in His limitless, unfathomable love.  You will be amazed at the peace and the joy that will flow into your heart as you believe and receive this truth: God really does love me.  Now that’s real hope.