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Which Supper are You?

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 In Revelation 19, we read about the second coming of Jesus.  In this great chapter, there are two suppers that are mentioned.  The first one is the marriage supper of the Lamb where those who have given their lives to Christ experience the Lord’s love and glory to the full.  The second supper is the great supper of God as the Lord calls to the birds to come and feast on the vast enemies of the LORD who are slain at the battle of Armageddon.  They are two very different suppers.  Now for the big question: are you going to the marriage supper for the Lord, or are you going to be the supper for the birds?  Will you follow Jesus Christ or the antichrist?  The time is now to decide. The time is now to give your life to Jesus.  It is in Him alone where you will find real hope.