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The Prison of Unforgiveness

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In Matthew chapter 6, Jesus makes it very clear that if we don't forgive men for their wrongs against us, God will not forgive us for our transgressions against Him.  Wow!  If you and I don't forgive our neighbor, God says He won't forgive us.  Needless to say, there is a HIGH cost to unforgiveness. If you and I refuse to forgive those who hurt us, we forfeit the joy of our salvation and bring our relationship with the Lord to a screeching, grinding halt. Hey, do you have someone in your life you need to forgive?  Let it go.  You know, forgiveness is literally freeing the prisoner whom you have kept in your private dungeon.  And when you let the prisoner go free, you will find that the prisoner was you. Hey, it's in forgiveness where you'll find real hope.