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God's Son-In-Law

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I have an awesome marriage thought. Listen guys, in your marriage, you need to understand that you are married to God’s daughter.  And like all good and protective fathers, God the Father expects you to treat His little girl with the utmost love, care, concern, provision, fidelity, and tenderness. Hey, unlike a human father, God the Father sees and hears everything we do as husbands. And He is greatly dishonored and displeased when we mistreat His little girl. All our outward spirituality--our church attendance, prayer, Bible reading, giving, whatever-- it means nothing to God if we are failing to treasure His little girl. Listen husbands, if you want to please God and have a close relationship with Him, treat His daughter in a way that would make Him proud of you ... in a way that would cause Him to brag to the angels on what a great son-in-law He has!  Now that's real hope!