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Truth Sets You Free

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In our nation today, so many sermons seem to be exclusively focused on God's favor and blessings.  If you didn’t know better, you would think God only exists to bring us our “champagne wishes and caviar dreams.” (to quote Robin Leach).  Many people excitedly come to church so they can hear about God’s grace, but they bristle under the preaching of God’s truth.  If they are presented with the holiness of God, the consequences of sin, the sufferings that comes from following Christ, the reality of hell, and what God says concerning sexual morality, many will not come back.  The people in Isaiah’s day told the hard-hitting prophet, "You must not prophesy to us what is right, speak to us pleasant words, prophesy illusions.”  Paul said in the last days that people will not endure sound doctrine.  If they are confronted by truth, they will denounce it as judgmental, hateful, bigoted, and insensitive.  But Jesus said it is the truth that sets us free.  So ... who will stand up for grace and truth?  Both are desperately needed in our world today so that we can find REAL HOPE.