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A Fruitful Life

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In the Book of Ruth, Naomi – whose name means pleasantness – lost her husband and her two sons in the space of ten short years.  She was broken and bitter, and asked her friends to quit calling her Naomi and start calling her Mara, which means bitterness.  Her life had not gone as she had planned, and she was very bitter.  You know, our world today is filled with bitter people.  Bitterness is a cancer of the soul that will steal, kill, and destroy.  Perhaps you are struggling with bitterness today.  Perhaps someone or something has come against you and left you wounded, battered, and bitter.  What is the answer to you, Mara?  Give all the hurt to God, FORGIVE all those who have hurt you, and trust the Lord to work all things together for good, just like He promises.  Listen you cannot walk with God if you are carrying a grudge.  You must get it out of your heart and lay it all at His feet.  For it is there where you’ll find real hope.