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Let Him Rise!

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Hall of fame champion wrestler, Andre the Giant, was a mountain of a man.  He stood 7’ 4’’ and weighed in at a whopping 500 pounds!  Once he was in a pub minding his own business when some inebriated tough guys taunted the gentle giant.  Although a kind and patient man, Andre’s patience wasn’t without limit.  When he had endured enough, He got up, and chased those punks into the parking lot.  They raced to the safety of their car and locked the doors … but angry Andre turned their car over, with them inside.  Well, as we all should know, God is the GIANT of the universe. When you and I face problems, pressures, fears, and the taunts of the enemy, do what the Psalm 68:1 says “and let God arise.”  Turn all your troubles over to Him.  Cast your burdens on Him.  You are not able to handle the difficulties you are facing, but God is!  Let Him be your champion … mighty and strong in your life today! When you do, you’ll find Real Hope.