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How to Make Love Last a Lifetime

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Do you remember the Energizer Bunny commercials?  That little rabbit beat a bass drum and he just kept going and going and going.  Wouldn’t it be nice if marriages were like that?  If when you tied the knot, it wasn’t a slipknot?  The sad truth is that tons of marriages just don’t last.  You know why?  Because every husband marries a sinner ... and every wife marries a bigger one!  Without question, if you want to have a good and lasting marriage, one that keeps going and going and going, getting better and better as time marches on, there is one big requirement -- forgiveness.  Forgiveness is crucial to marriage.  Both the husband and the wife need to be good at seeking forgiveness when they offend and granting forgiveness when they are offended!  Be encouraged today.  If Jesus can raise four-day-old dead Lazarus from the grave, surely, He can raise a dead marriage and infuse it with life, love, and laughter.  Now that’s real hope.