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First Things First

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Do you struggle with priorities?  It is interesting to me that when people are on their deathbed, they never talk about how they wished they had worked harder on the job or climbed higher on the ladder of success.  No.  What they talk about is relationships.  They wish they had lived for the Lord and spent more time with their family and friends.  Be totally honest: are you trading the eternal things that really matter for the temporal things that don’t?  It is not too late to turn things around!  Start first by seeking the Lord and His will for your life.  Then, focus your thoughts and attention on family and friends.  Life is more than just deadlines and to-do lists.  Life is meant to be savored and enjoyed.  God wants to use your life today to bless others, starting with your own family.  Take time for God, time for worship, time for prayer and Bible study … and time for those special people He has put into your life.  Now that’s real hope.