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Heart Problems?

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Do you remember the basketball great “Pistol” Pete Maravich?  He was an incredible player.  The things he could do with a basketball left fans shaking their heads in disbelief.  At the relatively young age of forty, Pistol Pete was playing basketball with some friends and dropped dead.  The cause of death was a rare heart defect.  Although he was seemingly in great shape, his heart was not.  So many Christians are walking around with the same problem … serious heart issues.  We only see the outward, but God sees the heart.  And when God looks at your heart, does He see a heart that is truly on fire for Jesus, or one that lacks passion and simply goes through the motions?  Let me encourage you to take your heart to the Lord and ask Him to fire it up with love and devotion for the Savior.  Death often comes suddenly, just as it did for Pistol Pete.  God tells us to be ready, and the best way to be ready to meet the Lord is to make sure your heart is right and wholly devoted to Him.  Now that’s real hope.