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Enthusiasm Anyone?

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Jesus Christ is in the life-changing business.  Anyone who truly knows the Lord has experienced the greatest gift of all, and that’s the gift of eternal life.  And those who have been saved by God’s amazing grace have the Holy Spirit living inside.  Hey, should we not be the most excited and enthusiastic people on the planet?  Of course we should!  God wants you and me to seek Him and be excited in the search!  He wants us to rejoice in Him, and rejoice in His goodness and His grace.  I encourage you to take time today to do just that.  Tell somebody how good God has been to you, and let the Lord know how grateful you are for all that He has done.  Listen, if you’re having trouble being grateful, ask the Lord to change your heart.  Ask Him to help you act and react like Jesus.  I know He will answer that prayer … because He wants you to be like Him.  Now that’s real hope.