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Life Indeed

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In 1 Timothy chapter 6, the apostle Paul talked about taking hold of “that which is life indeed.”  Life indeed is a life that is filled with joy and peace and excitement as we walk with the King.  1 Timothy 6 gives us five key steps to take to experience life the way God intended.  Number 1.  Trust God, not money.  Money is a great servant, but it is a terrible master.  Number 2.  Be thankful for what is yours and use it for God’s glory.  Number 3.  The quickest way out of the ditch of depression is by doing things for other people.  Number 4.  Be generous, not stingy, to the Lord’s work.  And Number 5.  Live for the eternal, not the temporal.  Listen, we’re just passing through this world, so we need to live like it.  Hey, when we live that way, then we’ll find real hope.