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Credible Ministry

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I’d like to give a word of encouragement and challenge to the guys, if I might. Especially if you're a Pastor or in a position of Christian leadership.  Guys, having a strong marriage and family are CRITICAL components of a credible ministry.  If you are failing in your own marriage, you really don't have a solid platform from which to teach and lead other people.  Oh, we can talk a big game, but if we’re not producing at home, then our witness and effectiveness in ministry is not credible.  Now I realize it takes two to make a marriage work, but know that you will stand before the Lord, and I will too, one day to give an account as to how well you and I did in our job of loving, nourishing, and cherishing our wife ...  and modeling to our children what it means to walk with Jesus. That’s where you’ll find real hope.