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Making the Best of the Worst

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He was only 17 when his life was turned upside down. His brothers betrayed him. He ended up a slave in a foreign land. He didn't know the culture, the language, or the customs. What would he do? Would he Curse God and die? Would he Plot revenge? Would he Wallow in self-pity and depression? Or … would he emotionally regroup, give his problems to God and let the Lord make lemonade out of the lemons? Well, that's exactly what Joseph did, by God's grace. He refused to lash out in bitterness and defeat. He turned every hurt and betrayal and setback over to God … and the Lord did miracles as a result. Joseph went from the prison to the palace, and became the #2 man in all of Egypt … all because He trusted God, no matter what. Romans 8:28 tells us And we know that God works all things together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose. Maybe you are facing some bad circumstances today. Do like Joseph and refuse to grumble, gripe, sour, and quit. Trust the Lord and bloom where you are planted. That's where you'll find real hope.