From His Heart exists to tell as many people as possible about God's love found only in Christ. The Word is spread and the ministry grows by the ambassadors we send ...  i.e. YOU.

Our hope is that we'll be a blessing to you each day and you'll then become an ambassador for us. How do you do that?

First, we need your prayers. Please pray for Pastor Jeff and this ministry as often as God brings you to mind.  Ask God to empower Pastor Jeff to preach the uncompromised Word of God. Pray that From His Heart will be able to be on more stations. Pray about what He may have you do to help us financially to join with us in touching the world with Good News.

Second, we hope you'll join us on our social media outlets by becoming our Facebook friend and sharing the encouraging posts each day from Jeff. You can also follow Pastor Jeff on Twitter re-tweeting his biblical insights to your friends. God can multiply our outreach exponentially with your help.

twitter_SIDEfacebook_SIDE2 (1)Real truth, real love, and real hope are in short supply across your community and around the world. Thank you for whatever you can do to help us bridge the gap to see people draw closer to Jesus.

Third, you can introduce people to the ministry of From His Heart by sending them the link to our free resources page providing helpful downloads that bring real truth, love and hope.

Vision PartnerFourth ... Be a Visionary!

Proverbs 29:18 reminds us that "Where there is no vision, the people perish." 

A Vision Partner is a mature Christian who understands that scripture is light in a dark world that can't be kept covered up. They are people who see the value in investing into Kingdom work that reaches far beyond what they could by themselves. They want to make a bigger impact on the world and do that by partnering with From His Heart to reach the masses who have never heard.  

When you make an automatic monthly donation of any amount to From His Heart, you're helping to provide the regular, dependable support we need to move boldly into future broadcast opportunities knowing that, together, we can grow this ministry to reach even more people around the world.

We know you could invest into many ministries, but at From His Heart, you can be sure your funds will be used wisely and with the utmost integrity to impact the most people possible for Jesus.  

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