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Prone to Wander

SERIES: Satisfaction Guaranteed



Growing up under the rules of your parents, did you often long for the day when you would grow up and do things exactly the way YOU wanted to do them?  Joining with Old Blue Eyes in the song, “I Did It My Way”?  But what does God, the Good Shepherd, have to say about this lifestyle of independence?  In this honest message from Pastor Jeff Schreve called, PRONE TO WANDER, he shows us some key truths about how God desires for Christians to live in complete dependence upon Him. 




The Bible says that there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven … (Ecclesiastes 3:1).  Each season is different, but each one brings its own blessings and growth.  In this encouraging 3-Message series from Pastor Jeff Schreve, titled “SEASONS,” he shares with us some of the seasons we will experience in our spiritual life and what God desires for us through those key times.

The Heart of Worship: Worshiping God in Spirit and Truth

Did you know that you were created to worship God? Jesus said the Father is looking for true worshipers, those who worship Him in spirit and truth. The more we grow as true worshipers, the more we will glorify God and grow in our love relationship with Jesus ... AND experience His power in our lives. In this 6-MESSAGE series, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares practical, biblical truths to help you become the worshiper God wants you to be.

Living on Purpose

Did you know that many people just float through life with no real plan or focus?  They draw their breath and draw their salary, but they fail to consider that God put them on this earth for much more.  There is great joy and victory when we begin truly Living on Purpose.  Join Pastor Jeff Schreve for this timely and insightful series.

A New Normal: Dealing with the Challenges of Life

Without question, life is full of changes. As much as we like things to stay the same, they don't. Loved ones die, companies fold, friends come and go, and spouses can break their wedding vows. What do you do when life throws you a curve and changes without your permission or any advanced warning? Do you "curse God and die," as Job's wife brokenheartedly and bitterly instructed poor Job to do? NO! In this 4-message series from Pastor Jeff Schreve, you'll learn to trust God in the midst of change and recalibrate to A NEW NORMAL.




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